Error In Lottery Game Could See $19.6 Million In Winnings

January 1, 2018
We've all made mistakes at work, but surely, none of us has made a mistake that ended up costing $20 million to fix, right? A programming error in South Carolina led to just that, as a mistake somewhere in the lottery program led to an "overabundance" of winning tickets being made available to the public.  As a result, the South Carolina Education Lottery Board of Commissioners set aside $19.6 million, which they feel "equates to the potential amount represented by" the winning tickets. The board has suspended the game for the moment, and unfortunately, those who purchased a winning ticket will not be receiving any of the winnings, for now at least.  A press release indicated game officials would be meeting "prior to the end of January" to come up with a solution.  For now, they recommend all players to hold on to their tickets. One player, Nicole Coggins, happened to win almost $18,000 from the tickets, but was told she couldn't cash them in.  Understandably, she is furious.  SHe told WYFF, "We didn't do anything wrong.  The stores didn't do anything wrong.  It's (the SCEL's) fault.  I think they should either honor the tickets or give us our money back." Via CNN