Dad In Allen Makes A Backyard Winter Wonderland For Family

January 2, 2018
So we all know it has been pretty cold here in DFW the past few days.  Cold enough for snow, but there just wasn't enough moisture in the air.  So one local dad in Allen,TX took matters into his own hands. Jeramy Melchiorre says that he's quite the weather nerd, and wanted his kids to have a (late) white Christmas.  A Pennsylvania native, Melchiorre made a DIY snow machine that he admits he's waited for at least two years to use.  "When we moved here five years ago, we all missed the snow," Melchiorre said. "It gets cold in short bursts, but it doesn't snow here." Melchiorre works with law enforcement agencies for his day job but has always been fascinated with weather since he was little.  When he saw the freezing temps coming to North Texas, he immediately set up his backyard snow machine for usage.  “I was up all night making it just looking out the window like I was 12 again," Melchiorre said. Made from an air compressor, it's combined with a power washer and some hose attachments to create two streams of water with the air blowing beneath it.  "I’ve created a Nor'easter in my backyard," Melchiorre said smiling. "I don’t know who loves it more, my kids or me. It’s got to be pretty perfect (conditions) to be able to make snow – and make good snow.” “This is beautiful, worth every penny of the water bill," he said. -source via