Fire At Northwest Dallas Home Destroys Donated Coats Meant For School Children

January 2, 2018
Sir Earl Toon, once a member of the legendary funk group Kool & the Gang, is thankful for the firefighters who quickly quelled the flames inside his Northwest Dallas home.  He told Fox 4, "The fire started going all over the roof. The smoke was going all over.  And if it wasn't for their due diligence, this house wouldn't be here at all." It wasn't the mementos from his music career he was necessarily worried about, however.  Toon and his girlfriend, who both escaped the flames unscathed, are huge supporters of the charity "Give a Kid a Coat."  The pair had gathered hundreds of coats meant to be donated to local schoolchildren, and the ones that weren't destroyed by the fire were lost to damage by water and soot. The organization is seeking to resupply their donated coats.  Toon continued with Fox 4 saying, "We need more.  We didn't get the coats that we wanted, and these coats are gone and we need more donations." For information on how to donate, as well as more info about Give a Kid a Coat, click HERE! Via Fox 4