Friends Build Tiny Island To Avoid Public Drinking Ban For New Year's Party

January 2, 2018
What happens when you are faced with a public drinking ban in your hometown, but are in the mood for a party?  Hey, it was New Year's for crying out loud!  You can't just not go all out! Well, one group of friends in New Zealand were faced with such a quandary, so rather than risk violating the ban and receiving a $227 fine if caught, they put their heads together, and skirted the line ever so slightly to enjoy their New Year's. During low tide in the middle of the Tairua estuary on the Coromandel Peninsula, the friends constructed the tiniest makeshift island, only big enough for a picnic table, and since they were in international waters, the authorities could do nothing to stop them from drinking. Everyone from the police to the mayor were enthralled with the ingenuity of the island, too!  Police commander Inspector John Kelly told the ABC, "That's creative thinking — if I had known that I probably would have joined them."  And Even Thames-Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie added, "That's the one thing I absolutely love about the Coromandel — the inventive nature of the people.  It's about creativity." As of New Year's Day, the island was still standing!  We're sure it's about to be joined by plenty of others as well! Via ABC