Hairstylist Arrested After Giving The Worst Haircut Of All Time

January 2, 2018
We've all had terrible haircuts before.  Bad enough to get the hairstylist arrested, however?  Well that certainly is up to debate. Wisconsin hairstylist Khaled A. Shabani found himself in that very position however, after the haircut he was giving to a 22-year-old client went horribly...horribly wrong.  Shabani alleged the gentlemen was fidgeting, and in order to stop him from moving, twisted his ear.  When that didn't work, he SNIPPED the man's EAR! Somehow, that wasn't enough.  Shabani then took the razor, with the shortest available attachment mind you, and ran a line directly down the man's head, resulting in possibly the worst haircut of all time. Now you can't be arrested for the bad haircut, but certainly for snipping someone's ear!  Shabani was detained by police, and issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.  He has pled not guilty. Via Wisconsin State Journal