Hilarious Dad Dons Black Leotard And Dances To "Single Ladies" With His Daughters

January 3, 2018
Every Christmas, the Haddad family in Michigan holds an annual "Lip Synch Battle," which in the last few years, has become a pretty competitive affair. This year's competition can be best described as No Contest however, as there is a clear winner, thanks to  Steve Haddad and his adorable daughters.  His wife Tina told People Steve is "by nature hilarious," so it was no surprise that when their daughters convinced Steve to join them in dancing to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," they had no choice but to go all out...leotards and all! If the costumes weren't enough, Steve and his daughters actually went to classes and learned the choreography!  Unfortunately, Steve also suffers from a severe case of "Dad Dancing," so while his moves aren't exactly on par with his girls, we love them all the same! Check it out below! Unfortunately, don't expect an encore performance from Steve anytime soon!  "I don’t think he will EVER give us an encore presentation!” Tina said. Via People