San Antonio Boy Sings "Remember Me" From "Coco" At Passed Baby Sister's Altar

January 3, 2018
Samir Deais and Stephanie Deais lost their baby daughter Ava Lynn last May after she was born with the kidney disease Hydronephrosis. The family believes the Disney film Coco, which depicts the traditions of Dia de los Muertos, helped their 4-year-old son Alexander cope with the loss of his sister.  In a completely candid moment, Samir and Stephanie captured Alexander singing of the trademark songs from Coco, "Remember Me," in front of the altar constructed for Ava Lynn's memory. The family, of course, was brought to tears with Alexander's singing, and was overwhelmed by the positive response after the clip went viral.  Samir said the reactions have been nothing short of "beautiful."  He told My San Antonio, "All this ugly in the world and these kinds of things make it still seem beautiful in the dark times.  All these blessings for our small family make us very humbled and thankful and blessed." Via My San Antonio