Woman Who Receives Wrong Lottery Ticket At Purchase Wins $5 Million!

January 3, 2018
A woman is now $5 million dollars richer and it was all originally a mistake! The Huffington Post reports that a woman from New Jersey decided to buy a lottery ticket in Manhattan, however she was handed the wrong one. The woman asked the clerk for a $1 New York Lottery Scratch-Off and was instead mistakenly handed a $10 Set For Life Ticket. Oksana Zaharov felt so bad that she decided to go ahead and just pay for what she was given. And indeed she turned out to be 'set for life." “I actually used the ticket as a bookmark for a couple weeks before I decided to scratch it.” Those $5 million dollars will be distributed over 20 years, plus annual net sums of $172,068 after that for the rest of her life. Zaharov says she is planning for a family vacation to the Bahamas and to fund her children's college education. Nice!!! Talk about chance and luck.