Texas Man Pulls 5-Foot Snake From Toilet At Ranch House

January 4, 2018
Ben Tedrick is no stranger when it comes to dealing with snakes. He's the man behind the video blog series "Life on the Ranch," where he documents the everyday goings-ons of life at his ranch house in north Brazos County.  The house had been vacated for several years, only until recently when the utilities were activated and a crew was sent to clean the place up. In the time the house was vacant, a new resident arrived, and settled inside of Tedrick's toilet.  Using a crudely fashioned snake-catching tool with a mop handle, Tedrick extracted a five-foot rat snake from his toilet.  It wasn't an easy task by any means, either. Tedrick realized the poor fella was stuck, and combined with the snake's surprising strength, Tedrick had a fair bit of difficulty pulling him out of the toilet.  Plus he had to be careful.  You don't want to misjudge your strength and have a loose, incredibly pissed snake slithering around your house! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vijX8J_1kQ Tedrick stuffed the snake in a pillowcase before driving it a distance away to be released into the woods.  Believe it or not, snakes found in your toilet is actually pretty rare.  They usually seek dry water pipers and sewers when the weather turns cold, so this little guy probably found its way into the house's pipes while the utilities were off, and was surprised when they were suddenly turned on. Via Dallas News