Uber Driver Turned Down A House Party With Margot Robbie To Go See Star Wars With His Friends

January 4, 2018
What would you do? Party with Harley Quinn or go see Star Wars with your friends? That was the question going through Uber driver Robert Bregnsdal's head the day after Christmas after picking up and dropping off actress Margot Robbie. The driver told The SUN U.K. that when pulling up he recognized Robbie immediately but could tell she was trying not to be noticed due to the hat she was wearing. Bregnsdal picked up both Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley Carraraon their way to a house party, and they all hit it off. So much so that she asked "What are you doing now? Come with us to this house party! They are really nice people I think you'll fit right in." Bregnsdal told Robbie that he didn't want to blow off his friends, Robbie wasn't offended but told him to have fun with his friends. Bregnsdal tells the SUN U.K. "She was so casual and normal, didn't act stuck up or anything and was really chatty. But I think they just appreciated that you didn't act like 'omg its Margot Robbie'". Bregnsdal says that his girlfriend told him to go back and party, "My girlfriend was like 'are you serious? Go back with a empty wallet or something and pretend they left it in the car so you have a reason to go back'. Bregnsdal doesn't regret going to the part and that going to see Star Wars was epic. Source Via: The SUN U.K.