Stolen Truck Leads To Wild Police Chase, Ends With The Suspects Making Out, Getting Tasered, And Being Arrested

January 5, 2018
Police pursuits don't often end with a make out session, but we are sure glad when they do. m A couple led police on a slow police chase through Los Angeles yesterday in a stole U-Haul pick up truck. The two-hour police chase crossed several cities across Los Angeles, weaved in and out of traffic, and ended with the truck sustaining a flat tire and eventually crashing into another vehicle. As police approached the truck, weapons drawn, the two suspects, a man and a woman, exited.  The female driver appeared to be complying with the officer's orders and had her hands raised.  The dude, however, thought it be the perfect opportunity to show his love and affection, and began making out with his accomplice right in the middle of the road, while being totally surrounded by the police and all of their guns. The man was arrested, probably right before he could put on his best moves, and both suspects were arrested. Via SF Gate