Highland Park Bans Bike Sharing

January 8, 2018
So it's nothing new that Dallas and Plano have been struggling with how to deal with rental bikes being strewn across their cities.  However the city of Highland Park is taking action against the bike sharing service. Many have recently voiced their distaste with the clutter the bikes create and the fact that they tend to obstruct sidewalks.  Plus riders are known to recklessly dump the bikes after they're done with them. Town Administrator Bill Lindley sent a note to Dallas’ city manager in November 2017 saying, “Resident complaints and the demand on our employees to police haphazard scattering of bikes throughout our community by the companies’ patrons, take away from accomplishing the work of the Town.” As a result leaders in Highland Park passed an ordinance last month that will go into effect starting next week.  The ordinance will basically prohibit bike sharing activity within Highland Park.  It says, “no person shall park, or otherwise leave abandoned, a bicycle on a street, sidewalk, park or other public property without permission from the town.” Bike sharing companies must collect their bikes on a daily basis from Highland Park, otherwise the town will impound them. These companies would then have to pay to get their bikes back.  Fees could range from $30 to $100 per bike.  On top of that, if the bikes are not collected after 15 days, the town has the authority to auction off said bikes for profits. -source via wfaa.com