Woman Condemns Michelin Star Restaurant After Husband Accidentally Eats Napkin

January 8, 2018
Tracy-Ann Oberman is best known for her roles in the highly regarded television series Eastenders and Doctr Who.  However, the actress is making waves in the public eye more recently after she and her husband had quite the experience dining at a Michelin Star restaurant. The pair settled down for a meal from chef Martin Berasategui, whose restaurants have earned a combined eight Michelin Stars when Oberman's husband dove into a white dish that was served in a rope-bound block of stone.  He soon realized that was actually his napkin! https://twitter.com/TracyAnnO/status/948683885222809601?ref_src=twsrc%5E... Oberman went on to criticize the restaurant for its "pretentiousness," saying the establishment was bordering less a restaurant but a church, and served their food with a "reverence that bordered on religious fervour."  " When you settle down for a meal at a Michelin Star establishment, you can probably expect a little pretentiousness right?  That being said, that napkin does look delicious! Via The Standard