Missing College Football Reporter Courtney Roland Found "Unharmed" Near Houston Galleria

January 9, 2018
The whereabouts of Courtney Roland, a college football reporter covering a Texas A&M football camp in Houston, seemed scary and suspicious this weekend. The 29-year-old was last seen at 4pm Saturday. Hours later she texted her roommate that she'd been followed by a man in a blue truck, according to Houston police. Her Jeep was discovered late Sunday with phone, purse, iPad, computer and credit cards intact. Police reported that Courtney was found "unharmed" under an overpass near the Galleria. At a news conference they said that she'd become "confused after experiencing a negative reaction to medication." https://twitter.com/houstonpolice/status/950375440065187840 It was a local citizen to told police of her whereabouts after recognizing her from news reports. https://twitter.com/houstonpolice/status/950389968437997568 What a relief.