Pregnant Texas Woman Fights Off Home Intruder By Smashing Him With Flower Vase

January 9, 2018
A Granbury woman heard a knock at her door Monday morning and went to answer it. The 25-year-old, 35 weeks pregnant, was greeted by a man who authorities describe as being approximately 6' tall with a tribal tattoo on his right bicep.  He was wearing cargo style pants, and, a brown pillowcase over his head. The man forced his way into the woman's home with a knife in hand.  The woman reached for whatever was near to try and fend off her attacker, and luckily she was right near a flower vase.  She smashed him in the head with the vase, which gave the family dog enough time to bite the creep in his leg and chase him out of the house. The woman ended up with some cuts on her arm and stomach, but thankfully they were all superficial and will not cause any serious damage.  The case is still currently being investigated by the Hood COunty Sheriff's Office, and those with any information are asked to call the Hood County Crimestoppers at 817-573-TIPS. Via WFAA