Steve Carell FINALLY Meets Kelly Clarkson, 13 Years After "40-Year-Old Virgin" Released

January 9, 2018
13 years ago, Steve Carell leapt into our hearts with his performance in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Notably, we remember the waxing scene, where among the myriad of insults Carell hurls at the poor employee waxing his incredibly hairy chest, Carell screams in pain "KELLY CLARKSON!" It was an innocuous and incredibly hilarious quasi-shout out that punctuated an equally hilarious scene. Despite that little mention, however, Carell and Kelly Clarkson had never crossed paths before. Until now. While the 75th Golden Globes will forever be remembered for stars wearing black and the #TimesUp Movement, it will also mark the occasion Carell and Clarkson finally got together! Last November, Clarkson commented that her history with Carell was "pretty hilarious," despite the two having never met.  She told Today, "I have yet to meet Steve Carell, and I want to be like, ‘So, was it a compliment?  I don’t know, you’re in pain, and you think of Kelly Clarkson." Via US Weekly