IKEA Wants Pregnant Women to Pee on Their Ad for a Discount and the Internet Is Not Buying It

January 10, 2018
IKEA has thought of a genius idea for an advertisement. By genius, we mean it was a total fail. Doubling as a pregnancy test, IKEA's new ad pictures a crib set with its original price, and the discount you could receive if you are pregnant. That's right. The pregnant woman pees on the "Pee Here" strip at the bottom of the paper to receive a discount. It's an ad that was somehow overlooked by an entire department for it was it actually is: humiliating not just for the pregnant woman but for the poor employee who has to handle the pissed-on advertisements. Of course the Internet did not hold back sharing reactions and thoughts. https://twitter.com/lahti_pasi/status/951028705492701184 https://twitter.com/DanielGenser/status/951060255001194496 https://twitter.com/TheRussianRage/status/950809075503202304 https://twitter.com/stephenlc/status/950790739818098689 https://twitter.com/Adweek/status/950785492680953856