Woman Attempts To Return Dead Christmas Tree To Costco Ten Days After Christmas

January 10, 2018
It's about that time when all of our Christmas trees are being thrown to the curb. They've most likely lost their illustrious shade of green, and more needles are on the floor than the branches.  Families all over the country have probably already dragged their trees to the curb, all that work to make it look pristine gone for another year. Well one woman in California decided she wanted a return on her investment.  Ten days after the big day, Janury 4th to be exact, she brought her dead and decaying Christmas tree to her local Costco to try and return it.  She demanded a refund from the store"because it's dead." We can't make this up! https://imgur.com/gallery/iv82M#lo2td9M And believe it or, not she actually got her refund!  The man who initially posted the photo online followed up the situation by writing, "She did get a refund.  Not happily though.  It was questioned, verified purchase on her account and she was [shamed] to a small degree…But I don’t think it fazed her because she has no conscience." Via Rare