Man Loses DeLorean After Drugstore Refuses To Lend Him Fire Extinguisher

January 11, 2018
It's been Daryl Kemsley's dream car for as long as he could remember.  Yes, Kemsley was the proud owner of a DeLorean, the same car that carried Doc Brown and Marty McFly through all of their adventures in the Back to the Future series, and Kemsley had one. Unfortunately, he got into a little fender bender Friday, which produced some smoke out of his vehicle.  Kemsley pulled into a Rite-Aid drugstore, when the car's trunk began emitting flames.  He ran into the store and asked for use of their fire extinguisher, and the store refused! The employee cited some company policy where he was not allowed to use it since he was not an employee, and when Kemsley asked if she could come out and use the extinguisher on his car, she again refused because she did not know how to use one! Not only that, when the police arrived at the scene, they berated Kemsley and his girlfriend as the employee felt threatened and called the police on them!  The store even refused to allow Kemsley's girlfriend to purchase water, and asked her to leave and never come back! Not a good look for the store! A manager from Rite Aid told Fox 13 they were not able to comment on the incident at the time. ALong with losing his dream car, Kemsley suffered some minor burns trying to put out the flames with a mini extinguisher a customer allowed him to use. Via Fox 13