"Sexy Kangaroo" Blocks Tourists In Australia From Visiting The Restroom

January 11, 2018
Sandrina Duniau was just trying to use the restroom when she happened upon a kangaroo blocking her path. Totally not uncommon to encounter a wild kangaroo while you're in Australia.  Right in front of the toilet, though?  Hey it happens.  You can't predict the behavior of wild animals who probably want some more privacy as well.  The way this kangaroo was lying, however, has been catching EVERYONE'S attention. People are starting to call this fella the "Sexy Kangaroo!" https://twitter.com/BoringEnormous/status/951195356850720768 Duniau told News.com.au she couldn't stop laughing after she took the picture.  "It was so funny — I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it was posed like that.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had said, ‘Hey girl, what’s up?" She didn't want to risk disturbing the kangaroo, so she decided to forgo that trip to the restroom.  Thank good ness she snapped that hilarious picture, though! Via News.com.au