Fort Worth Police Officer Dresses As Superheroes To Visit Sick Kids Across The Country

January 12, 2018
Damon Cole wears a lot of different uniforms. Most days, you'll catch him dressed as a police officer in Fort Worth, keeping the streets safe and communities s happy.  Other days, you'll see him dressed as Iron Man, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, and plenty more of the world's most recognizable superheroes. It all began when he sewed the Superman logo onto his bulletproof vest.  He wanted to build trust and a rapport with community children, and who would they trust more than Superman himself?  WHen working in Dallas in 2012, he would dress up as various superheroes for community events and visits to local hospitals.  He's made a habit of traveling to hospitals all across the country to visit sick children, even sacrificing personal vacation days to make the 11-hour trek to Illinois to visit a child with cancer. Cole has visited 20 states and visited with over 1,000 kids, and even dresses the part while he's on duty! When recently interviewed by NBC's Lester Holt, Cole said he draws inspiration from his 11-year-old daughter, Savannah. Via KERA