Celebrities React To Vikings' Historic Play!

January 15, 2018
Last night, we may have just witnessed the greatest playoff game in NFL history. At the very least, it was one of the greatest finishes to any NFL game EVER!  The Vikings and Saints literally went down to the wire last night, in a matchup to determine who faces the Philadelphia Eagles where the winner moves on to the Super Bowl. The Vikings came out the victor, with an insane touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs literally as the time ran out. https://twitter.com/Vikings/status/952720106823602177 It was only the fourth touchdown to occur with no time remaining in NFL history, and it had EVERYBODY talking!  If you weren't watching last night, you missed out on truly a historic event! https://twitter.com/HarryConnickJR/status/952709161153978368?ref_src=tws... https://twitter.com/ArsenioHall/status/952716337129783296?ref_src=twsrc%... https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/952714031734771712?ref_src=twsrc... https://twitter.com/ralphmacchio/status/952709570064986112?ref_src=twsrc... https://twitter.com/EIZNEM/status/952712158097412097 Via ESPN