Man Rips Hole In Throat Trying To Stifle A Sneeze

January 16, 2018
Maybe next time you feel a sneeze coming on, just let it happen.  Don't try to stop it after its begun. A 34-year-old British man tried to do just that.  He tried to stifle an upcoming sneeze, and after doing so, found it quite impossible to swallow without extreme pain, and he'd all but lost his voice.  By tightly shutting his mouth and blocking his nostrils, the man actually perforated his larynx.  By sy stifling his sneeze, he ruptured his throat and forced a big hole into his larynx! Ouch. Beyond the pain, the man was also at risk for deep neck infections.  He was admitted to the hospital, and spent a week hooked to a feeding tube and IV to help fight the infections.  He was released with no further complications though was advised to avoid blocking sneezes in the future. Via ABC