No More Knives With The Latest Kitchen Trend, "Cooking With Your Mouth" (Warning: Gross)

January 16, 2018
Ok.  Fair warning.  What you are about to see is really gross.  Like super gross. It;s the beginning of a new year, so there's no doubt you've made some resolutions.  Chances are, most of y'all are determined to eat a little healthier this year.  Well we can help you achieve your goals with this brand new kitchen trend that is going absolutely viral! London-based artist Nathan Ceddia is the evil genius behind "Cooking With Your Mouth," and it is exactly what you think it is.  Rather than risk cutting your fingers with dangerous knives, Ceddia recommends chewing your food and spitting it out to create your recipes.  He told Munchies, "The kitchen is meant to be a safe environment where people can comfortably express their creativity.  I, myself, love cooking, but I'm not so fond of knives, and the thought of chopping off a finger frightens the hell out of me." We told you.  GROSS! Ceddia confirmed to Munchies this was "100% not a joke."  We have no doubt this video is real, but there's no way we can believe people prepare their food like this. Either way, we'll stick with the knives! Via Delish