It's So Cold In Russia Peoples Eyelashes Are Freezing; Temps As Low As -88.6 Degrees

January 17, 2018
Ok Texas, if you think you're cold, just think about Russia for a minute. The Russian region of Yakutia is seeing temperatures as cold as 88.6 degrees below zero!!! It's so cold that their eyelashes are freezing! Not only that, but it's pretty typical for school aged student to go to school in -40 degrees, however, on Tuesday, school was cancelled. Meanwhile, Oymyakon, which is considered the coldest place on Earth, actually broke their giant thermometer in the middle of the city. The thermometer only goes down to -50C! And then there's these people who got into Oymyakon's natural spring, which never freezes even in these crazy low temps. No. Just no.