Husband's Sweet Reaction To Wife's Shaved Head After 20 Years Of Growing Dreads Is Marriage Goals!

January 18, 2018
Even though Dawne Kirkwood had been growing her dreadlocks for twenty years, she decided it was time for a change. She decided to cut her hair, but she was unsure how her husband would react.  Of course, she had nothing to worry about at all.  Their daughter posted an amazingly sweet video on Twitter of the first time he sees his wife's hair cut for the first time, and it's everything we should want it a marriage! Dawne's husband absolutely melts over her new haircut, saying "Oh wow.  Oh, you are so hot!  That is so fine.  You look like a Hollywood star." And just in case anyone was wondering, Dawne's hair was looong before the cut! What a beautiful couple! Via People