Live In DFW And Having Trouble Using Google Arts And Culture Face Match? Here's Why!

January 18, 2018
There's no doubt your entire Twitter feed is probably filled with people all over the country trying out the Google Arts and Culture Face Match app. You upload a selfie, and Google searches through its vast archive of images to best match your face to some historic work of art.  The results have been varied to say the least! Well if you live in Texas and have been trying to get it on the fun, unfortunately it's a bit more difficult for us.  Texas and Illinois are the only two states in the U.S. who do not have access to this feature, due to our "biometric privacy" laws. Basically, there are rules in place preventing the use of technology to "identify people without their informed consent." If you really want to try the app, however, there are some workarounds.  You can turn off Location Services in your phone's Settings, or even logging in through a VPN, but these methods are often not worth the hassle, or will not even work for everybody. Via Guide Live