Tom Hardy Recorded A Rap Mixtape In 1999, And It's Finally Been Released!

January 19, 2018
He's one of the most famous actors in the world today, though if he had it his way, Tom Hardy would be gracing us with his presence behind the mic rather than in front of the camera. Hardy began rapping when he was around 14-years-old, though his hip-hop career never flourished as, in his own words, he came from "a nice middle-class neighborhood, it was a very hard sell.  And I wasn’t very good!" Still, Hardy claims to have multiple albums worth of material that has never been released....until now.  Almost two decades after since Tommy No 1, as Hardy was known back then, recorded a mixtape with now noted writer and director Edward Tracy, known as Eddie Too Tall, it has finally surfaced. The 18-track album was released on Bandcamp with the statement, "Made in a bedroom 1999 these mixtapes were never really finished.  Lyrics written and performed by Tom Hardy.  Music written and produced by Ed Tracy.” Tracy, who after his brief rap career, went on to become a BAFTA-winning writer and director of the Fonejacker and Facejacker television shows, revealed that the duo was actually offered a recording contract.  He told People, “I think we inspired each other to make stuff.  Back then we were offered a record deal on the basis of this album, but Tom’s agent said, ‘No don’t do music, do acting.’  Terrible advice!  Look where he is now?!" Via People