Doughnut-Eating Champion Facing Felony Charges After Breaking Into Dunkin' Donuts

January 22, 2018
Four years ago, Bradley Hardison won a police-sponsored doughnut eating contest in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He garnered national attention just days later, however, after being arrested for a series of break-ins in a nearby county.  Police recognized him as the suspect after seeing reports of his doughnut prowess on the news! Hardison was convicted of the crimes and received a suspended sentence, though now he faces a whole new slew of FELONY charges.  Rather than homes, however, Hardison was caught breaking into a Dunkin' Donuts in the very same town he won his contest, Elizabeth City, and is accused of breaking into the safe and helping himself to some dough! Hardison now faces several felony charges including breaking and entering, larceny, safe cracking, and  various probation violations. Via Huffington Post