Mother Captures Toddler With Down Syndrome Singing Along With Sister Playing Guitar

January 22, 2018
Amanda Bowman Gray asked her 11-year-old daughter Lydia to watch her younger brother Bo while she took a shower. Having been born with Down Syndrome, at two-years-old, Bo only has a 12 word vocabulary.  You can imagine the shock then when Lydia went to check on her children, and Bo was dancing and singing along with Amanda as she played "You Are My Sunshine" guitar. Every word Bo has learned has come from song, and which the Grays believe proves the power of musical therapy, the reason they gave Lydia a guitar in the first place.  "You Are My Sunshine" has a special place in the Gray's heart as well, as that was the song Amanda and her husband Caleb sang to Bo as he recovered in the hospital from heart surgery.  This time, however, "as the first time that he moved as he reacted to the familiarity of the song and our voices." So sweet! Via Fox 13