Whataburger Enlists A Sommelier To Pair Your Favorite Meals With The Best Drink

January 23, 2018
When you finally settle down after a long day's work, there are few things better than your favorite Whataburger meal. Whether you go with the Sweet & Spicy Bacon Burger or some Whatachick'n Strips, the options are there, but the question that arises next...What to get to drink?  Well Whataburger has enlisted the aid of Texan sommelier Scott Ota, who works at San Antonio's High Street Wine Co.  He was tasked with pairing a drink with Whataburger's new favorite, the Mushroom Swiss Burger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=2K04pwZnNQI Surprisinlgy or not, Ota believes the Mushroom Swiss Burger pairs best with a nice refreshing Coca Cola!  he says, "What kind of really stands out to me is the Au Jus sauce and the richness of the cream with the hardiness of the burger, and I think a classic pairing together would be a traditional Coca-Cola." He might be an expert, but we still feel there's no problem pairing your favorite Whataburger meal with some nice vino! Via Houston Chronicle