Police Called As Customers Riot Trying To Buy Discounted Nutella

January 26, 2018
In America, we have Black Friday.  In France, they have 70% off Nutella. Both occasions are marked by strangers pulling, scratching, and biting their way to secure the best bang for their buck.  One customer at the Rive-de-Gier supermarket in central France told the Le Progres newspaper, "They are like animals.  A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand.  It was horrible." Yes, discounted Nutella was enough to send a flurry of customers shopping at a France grocery store into a full-on riot.  This happened all over the country, with random shoppers breaking out into fights and the police being called to MULTIPLE locations to settle the noise. https://twitter.com/Rev_de_Presse/status/956493500077498371 https://twitter.com/KINGKDOO/status/956516442157010944?ref_src=twsrc%5Et... Apparently, discounted Nutella is a HUGE deal in France.  Jean-Marie Daragon from the Intermarché in Montbrison in central France said, "Some customers came the night before the promotions to stash the Nutella pots in other places, and thus prevent others from taking them." Still, the rampaging crowds have not swayed the store owners, with some planning to institute the same discount this weekend. Via The Local