Shiner Bock Drops $1.2 Million On FIRST-EVER Super Bowl Commercial

January 26, 2018
There are plenty of folks out there who will watch the upcoming Super Bowl strictly for the commercials. In fact, there are plenty of Texans who are only looking forward to the commercials, given the matchup between the Patriots and the Eagles.  We know these commercials are a must-see, though this year especially. The Texas-brewed Shiner Bock will be making its Super Bowl commercial debut, after it was announced the parent company of the beer spent $1.2 million on a 30 second spot to air in the middle of the Big Game. According to a press release from Shiner, the commercial will be part of its "This is Shiner Country" campaign, which has focused on the brand's "disruptive streak" throughout its history, including Kosmos Spoetzl's arrest for bootlegging during Prohibition, and its hippie hearse delivery driver in the 1970s. The commercial will debut during the Super Bowl LII, airing February 4th on NBC. Via Star Telegram