Texas Inmate Escapes To Bring Back Food And Alcohol

January 26, 2018
A Texas inmate who recently escaped from federal prison, has been arrested in Southeast Texas.  But his intentions were not what most think of when they hear of escaped inmates. Joshua Hansen broke out so he could break back in with bottles of alcohol and home made food. Jefferson County sheriff’s office said the 25 year old has been charged with escape and possession of marijuana. He was originally imprisoned on a narcotics conviction. Hansen was seen by deputies when he ran onto private land near the prison in Beaumont.  They confiscated a bag containing three bottles of brandy, some whisky, tobacco and “a large amount of home-cooked food.” Rancher Michael Latta said that for years he has had to deal with low-level offenders who flee the facility only to return later. -source via ktvt.com