Ronda Rousey Crashes Royal Rumble, Signs A Full Time WWE Contract

January 29, 2018
While most people sat down to watch the Grammys last night, there was another big show going down. The WWE's Royal Rumble. And it did NOT disappoint. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new WWE wrestler...Ronda Rousey! If that name sound familiar, you might remember her as one of the most famous fighters in all of MMA. On Sunday night, Ronda crashed the wrestling ring with a huge announcement. At the very end of Royal Rumble, Rousey made a surprise appearance. Once in the ring, she pointed at the Wrestlmania sign. While it looks like Wrestlemania will be her big debut, TMZ says she has also signed a full time contract. That info has been running through the rumor mill for a while now. Seems like a good fit!