Terminally Ill Teen Fulfills Dying Wish Of Marrying High School Sweetheart

January 30, 2018
Less than a month ago, 19-year-old Dustin Snyder was told he had terminal cancer.  He was given just weeks to live. With time running short, he only had one wish he wanted to fulfill, marry his High School Sweetheart.  He told his mother shortly after the news that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, 21-year-old Sierra Siverio, and five days later, the young couple tied the knot thanks to the overwhelming support of their Florida community. It started with Dustin's sister, Nicole Jordan Roberts, asking for a spare tuxedo and wedding dress on Facebook.  It was going to be a small, family affair with everybody gathering in the backyard for the ceremony.  Then neighbors and strangers started donating everything from food and clothes to music and flower arrangements. https://twitter.com/ClaytorReports/status/957768609677398016 Dustin has been living in hospice care, but found the strength to stand up for his wedding.  Roberts says, "He was so strong on Sunday.  We wanted to make this the best day for the two of them — and it really was.” Via People