Two Cops Were Suspended After Allegedly Ingesting Marijuana Edibles and Calling for Backup

January 30, 2018
In other news that sounds like it should be in a movie, two cops have been suspended after allegedly ingesting marijuana edibles and getting so high they had to call for backup. But that's not the end of it. Apparently the officer who showed up slipped and fell on ice and ended up with a concussion. The Toronto police had confiscated the edibles after a raid at a dispensary. Curiosity got the best of these two and they ingested the evidence. It is reported that the two cops ate more of the edibles after not feeling the effects immediately. Although Toronto Police Department has  not confirmed specific details of the incident, a spokesperson at the department has said the two officers were on a paid suspension and are currently under investigation. It was also reported the two officers were so impaired they had to be treated at the hospital. There's a lot going on here and one can only wonder who will turn this into a movie?