Plane Detoured Mid-Flight Due To Broken Toilets Despite 60 Plumbers Being On Board

January 31, 2018
A Norwegian flight traveling from Oslo to Munich had to turn around while in the air due to several problems with the plane's toilets. The plane made it all the way to the Swedish border before turning right back around, much to the dismay of the 85 passengers from the Norwegian plumbing industry.  Yes, 85 people, 60 of which are certified plumbers, from the Norweigian plumbing industry were on board heading to a work convention.  And the plane had to turn around.  Due to a plumbing issue! Hans Christian Ødegård, a plumber on the flight, told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, "So many plumbers on an aircraft and it has to turn back due to toilet trouble.  That is enough to make you laugh." The plumbers on board reportedly took the news with great humor, and while many offered to help, there would have been a slight issue.  Frank Olsen, CEO of Rørkjøp, the plumbing company on board told Dagbladet, "We'd have gladly fixed the toilets, but it must unfortunately be done from the outside and we didn't want to take a chance on sending out a plumber at 10,000 metres' altitude." Via The Local