Social Media, Video Game, Smoking and Eating Addicts Have Distorted Sense Of Time

January 31, 2018
Categories: reports a new study at the University of Southern California and Cal State Fullerton reveals that persons addicted to social media, video games and smoking, have a distorted sense of time. Study author Ofir Turel says, "Distortion of time perception is a hallmark feature of many addictive and problematic behaviors. For example, 'addicted' video gamers perceive their sessions to be shorter than they actually are; heavy smokers think that the between-cigarettes time interval is longer than it actually is; and obese people perceive that the between-meals time intervals are longer than they actually are." Turel goes on to say, “We need to understand such issues and come up with interventions that can help users who present addiction-like symptoms in relation to social media use. One way to understand such phenomena is to build on the body of knowledge related to other addictions and problematic behaviors.” For more details, read HERE.