Sorry Margarita Fans, Survey Finds Dallas Has A NEW Favorite Cocktail!

February 1, 2018
Ok.  This is nearing the point of blasphemy to see. A recent survey from Versus Reviews has found that the margarita is no longer the most preferred cocktail of choice for folks living in Dallas.  The company analyzed Google search date from each state to determine what kind of cocktails people were most interested in.  Specifically, they looked at recipes, garnishes, images, and glassware to determine their findings. And even though Dallas is the birthplace of the Frozen Margarita, it has been dethroned.  The most popular cocktail is another tequila-based drink however, the Paloma!  Take some tequila, and mix it with some grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar or simple syrup and club soda, and serve it with a salt rim and lime wedge!  Sounds good, but how many of us would still take the margarita? Via Guide Live