Here Are All The Animals Predicting The Super Bowl, Including The Dallas & Fort Worth Zoos

February 2, 2018
If you're placing bets on the Super Bowl, you can either go with your gut or follow along with one of these celebrity animals. In recent years, it's become popular to let animals predict the winner of the Super Bowl. It all started with an octopus a few years ago. Well the popularity has made it all the way to Texas, both the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos got in on the action this year. The Fort Worth Zoo enlisted the help of Salty, the saltwater crocodile to chose a Super Bowl winner. The zoo threw in a couple of dyed chickens and the rest was history. Unfortunately, Salty wasn't all that hungry and took his sweet time to pick a winner. Eventually though, he did select the New England Patriots. As for the Dallas Zoo, they went with their lions Bahati and Aunt Jasiri. Their handlers left out two meaty cakes, one for the Pats and one for the Eagles. Without any hesitation, both Bahati and Aunt Jasiri went straight for the Patriots. Of course there are a few other famous animals we should Fiona the hippo! She had her choice of two team boxes topped with lettuce. It took a bit, but Fiona finally chose the Eagles! And of course we can't leave out April the giraffe. She too was given the option of some choice lettuce above the team posters. She chose the Patriots as your 2018 Super Bowl Champs!
Ok, three out of four animals can't be wrong, right?