Daughter and Mother Had the Same Early Valentine's Day Gift Idea and It's Hilariously Adorable

February 6, 2018
A mother and daughter had the same idea for an early Valentine's Day gift and the video is hilarious. Twitter user, Natalie Rice (@Natalie119911), shared a video of the occurrence saying their dog had recently passed away and she thought it'd be a great idea to gift her mom a Blue Heeler puppy. Guess who also had a similar idea?  This was truly a situation of like mother, like daughter. https://twitter.com/Natalie119911/status/959856062215016448 Natalie and her mom, both astonished, could only wonder what dad was going to say about this! The post has been shared over 64,000 times and has received many reactions from the internet. https://twitter.com/JayZJoyner11/status/960386329157791744 https://twitter.com/starrylies_/status/960501150700179456 https://twitter.com/Natalie119911/status/960341151982276608 https://twitter.com/Natalie119911/status/960306505034715136