Homeland Security "Anti-Terrorism" Super Bowl Plans Accidentally Left On Commercial Plane

February 6, 2018
A report issued Monday by the Department of Homeland Security revealed that HIGHLY sensitive anti-terrorism plans regarding Super Bowl LII were accidentally left on a commercial airplane. The documents, labeled "For Official Use Only," were left in the seat pocket of the plane last December by an employee of CNN of all people.  They detailed the actions for a response to a simulated Bio-attack on the big game. https://imgur.com/a/eiEUU https://imgur.com/a/7GlGx Amongst the documents left on the plane were "after action" papers, a travel schedule, and a boarding pass for the individual who manages the Department of Homeland Security's BioWatch program.  The person who found the documents was told to not share them with anyone "without an operational need-to-know."  This report is only just coming out now to ensure Super Bowl LII security was not compromised in any fashion. The DHS is understandanly upset, and is looking into how exactly the documents were left on the plane.  Former DHS official Juliette Kayyem told CNN that leaving the documents on the plane was a "really stupid thing."  She said, "Who knows who else could have picked this up.  The biggest consequence of this mistake may have less to do with terrorists knowing our vulnerabilities and more to do with confidence in the Department of Homeland Security.  In the end, confidence in the federal government at a time of crisis is what the American public deserves." Via New York Post