Dallas Driver's Car Dies Block Traffic; Driver Creates Video Apologizing

February 7, 2018
On Monday a Dallas Driver's car died on i35 causing them to block traffic. Luckily for the driver they were rescued by a Dallas County Sheriff Courtesy Patrol, and luckily for us they caught they whole thing on video. Reddit user theshague posted the whole even to Reddit's r/Dallas page. https://gfycat.com/UnpleasantFlawedBoar They video recaps the whole event nicely, "I was on my way to work. Everything seemed normal. When all of a sudden...*clunk*. A fuse blew and I stopped. I made a lot of people angry...A nice man arrived. (He was really brave). He gave me a boost. He got me to safety. He even helped me get it running. Thanks to the men and women who keep Dallas safe! And sorry to everybody I made late." Well what do you say Dallas? Do we forgive them?