Dirk Reaches NBA Milestone With Name Misspelled On Jersey

February 7, 2018
On Monday, the Mavericks continued their rough season with a loss against the visiting Los Angeles Clippers. If there's any solace to this season, however, it is that Dirk Nowitzki is at least padding his already stellar career with NBA records and milestones.  During their loss Monday, Dirk surpassed playing 50,000 minutes over his entire career, becoming 5th all time in NBA history in minutes played. And he did all of this with his name misspelled on his own jersey. https://twitter.com/SBNationNBA/status/960750985751785477 To be fair, the Mavericks typically use about 600 different jerseys for one season, so there are bound to be some mistakes.  And leave it to Dirk to be completely cool about the little mistake.  When asked about the mishap after the game, the Tall Baller from the G told reporters, "I actually just saw it.  I had no idea, no idea.  I guess it happens.  I usually look at my jersey.  I guess it kind of sums up our season.” Now, the team is considering auctioning the jersey off, with proceeds going to Dirk's foundation! https://twitter.com/Bigalpumpy/status/960773317190762496 https://twitter.com/espn_macmahon/status/960971536386678784?ref_src=twsr... Via For The Win