Man Convinced To Dress Like A Smurf For Night Out, Friends Pick Him Up Wearing Regular Clothes

February 8, 2018
Who needs enemies when you've got friends like these? A couple of guys over in the UK somehow convinced their buddy they should all dress like Smurfs for a night on the town.  When they picked their pal up, he was dressed head to toe like a Smurf, complete with blue body paint.  Of course, they were in regular street clothes. WARNING!  This video contains NSFW language!  Please proceed with caution! The event the three were going to, luckily, is known for people wearing outrageous clothing and costumes, so he hopefully didn't stand out too much.  Darren, our Smurfette, of course lobbied for his buds to take him home to change, but of course they weren't going to allow that! One of the pranksters Brody told The Sun, "Smurfs was the plan just because of the body paint being irreversible, anything else he could have got changed out of.  He's gullible yes but he was sold on the idea and really wanted to do it so there wasn't much persuasion." Via The Sun