Police Engage In 45 Minute Standoff With Stuffed Tiger They Think Is Real

February 8, 2018
Scottish farmer Bruce Grubb, 24, frantically called police after spotting a tiger in his cow shed. Police arrived quickly on the scene.  The first officer was so scared, he wouldn't leave his squad car.  As backup arrived, they proceeded to engage the beast in an incredibly tense 45 minute standoff.  Calls were made to a local wildlife park to see if they had any animal escapes. Neither party would budge. Then they all found it was a stuffed animal. Everybody had a pretty good laugh after the ordeal, and the police determined Grubb made the call with "genuine good intent."  They even asked him if they could keep the stuffed animal as a mascot! Still, nobody knows how exactly the tiger wound up in the shed. Via NY Post