Fallen Richardson Police Officer Was The First Death In The City's History

February 9, 2018
This week, the Richardson Police Department suffered its first officer killed in the line of duty. 37-year-old David Sherrard was shot while answering a domestic disturbance call, leaving behind a wife and two daughters. He was the first death in the city's history. It's been a couple of years since we posted this on our website, and it seemed entirely appropriate. It's tribute to police officers and law enforcement put together by the North Richland Hills Police Department, to Disturbed's breathtaking version of The Sound of Silence. If you've never heard it before, it's one of the most powerful covers of a hit song ever performed - and combined with the impact of the images, makes for a powerful reminder of the duty and sacrifice we should never take for granted.
Thank you to all who serve North Texas.