Man Allegedly Beats Roommate For Tearing Open Bag Of Cereal Causing It To Go Stale

February 9, 2018
An Alabama man is in a little but of trouble with the law, after an incident of a torn cereal bag escalated into a full on assault. The man allegedly beat his roommate with a laptop cord after he reportedly "tore" their bag of Cap'n Crunch open, and "did not do anything to keep the cereal fresh."  The man accused of assault reportedly said the cereal "was too difficult to eat without teeth." He allegedly asked his roommate to remove his dentures to prove how difficult the cereal was to eat without the aid of dentures, and that's when the assault occurred. Moundville Times editor Travis Vaughn was the first to report of this incident.  He said, "Domestic violence is a serious issue, and maybe people will see how even ridiculous disputes, like these over food, can escalate and lead to injuries and jail time."  The man is being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence/assault, with a conviction potentially carrying a jail sentence ranging from one month to one year. Via Tuscaloosa News