Newlywed's Photo Shoot Interrupted By Police Drug Chase

February 9, 2018
It was the happiest days of their lives. Newlyweds Becky and Toby Eyre were in the process of taking their first photos as husband and wife when they were suddenly forced to hide behind a tree as the local police trampled through the scene chasing a suspected drug deal. As they watched police chase their suspect, shouts of "Congratulations" emanated from patrol cars.  Their photographer Annie Crossman, was at first annoyed with the circumstances, but eventually found the humor in the situation.  She said, "I thought it was annoying at first but then I thought, no, it’s actually quite funny.  The couple loved it once we saw there was no danger." The suspected made the daring attempt to try and escape via a frozen lake.  Police eventually caught him.  After they nabbed their man, they stopped for a couple of quick photos with the happy couple! Mr. Eyre told the Oxford Mail, "A wedding day is special anyway – but to have something like this happen was an unexpected and funny story to add to it.” Via The Telegraph